The best games to play with friends

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Have you ever spent a night in with friends or family and struggled to find an entertaining game to play? Look no further! Here is a list of the best games to play with friends that are bound to bring endless entertainment and laughter.

1. Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game that is sure to cause raucous laughter and endless entertainment. The game works by selecting a black card with a phrase such as, “What’s that sound?” and then players select a white card from their hand to complete the phrase, such as “Farting and walking away”.

2. Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan is a board game where the objective is to build settlements, cities and roads in order to gather resources and earn victory points. This game is both strategic and entertaining, as players must trade resources and negotiate with each other in order to advance.

3. Codenames
Codenames is a team-based word game where each team has a spymaster who must provide one-word clues to their team members to guess their team’s words on a grid. The game is fast-paced and requires strategic thinking and good communication skills.

4. Mario Party
Mario Party is a popular video game that allows up to four players to compete against each other in mini-games. This game is perfect for those who are gaming enthusiasts or casual players as the mini-games are fun and easy to understand.

5. Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens is a card game that is easy to play and understand. The objective is to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card, which results in getting knocked out of the game. This game is suitable for players of all ages and is sure to be a hit with those who love cats.

6. Jackbox Party Pack
Jackbox Party Pack is a collection of party games that can be played on a computer or console. The games included in the pack are varied and fun, from drawing games to trivia games, making it perfect for any group or occasion.

7. Werewolf
Werewolf is a social deduction game where players try to identify who amongst them is a werewolf, while the werewolf tries to evade detection. This game is perfect for large groups and is guaranteed to bring suspense and excitement to any gathering.

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of the best games to play with friends. Whether you enjoy board games, card games or video games, there is something for everyone on this list. So why not gather your friends and family and have a night in filled with laughter, strategy, and fun.

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